Eri Claims Season Opening Race Win for Asian Touring Car-Max

AFOS, Agustus 2009

Fitra Eri took the win in the season opener ofthe Asian Touring Car-Max series held during the Asian Festiyal of 8peed at the Sentul International Circuit today.

The Indonesian touring car driyer droye well and stayed ahead throughout the race for the Toyota Top1 Garda oto Racing Team and beat out reigning ATC-Max champion Syafiq Ali to the finish line.


“I was expecting a closer battle as the times were pretty close during the qualifying session but then behind me Syafiq took Roy I was glad to see that. This is our first International race and I am happy with the win.

“I would like to thank my team and my sponsors for getting us here and giying us a chance to race this weekend” said a very happy Eri at the Post Race Press Conference.

Meanwhile, Ali had a great battle with Roy Haryanto from Diyision two, changing positions seyeral times throughout the race.

Haryanto cIearIy had the straight-line adyantage while the young Malaysian had the pace at the turns. Haryanto took Ali for the last time on lap eleyen and hung on to the spot all the way to the last turn ofthe last lap where the Axle

Motorsport got the better line to reclaim second at the chequered flag.

Clearly exhausted from the greatfight he had with Haryanto, Ali said “basicallyl did not manage to make a good start and Roy passed me at the first corner and his car is fasterthan mine on the straight butl did manage to catch up with him at the last corner.

“There was a lot ofgiye and take, we passed each other a few times before I managed to take him at the final corner”.
ForHaryanto, a Diyision 2 driyer, the race was an interesting one, proyiding lost of action and some greatfun. “It was a good race, interesting for the spectators to watch. Both of us are in different diyisions and we use different specification cars. I gained on the straight and he gained on the corners.

“But in the end, I made a mistake at the final turn and he took me for second” he concluded.

Behind them, the first female driyer in the Asian Touring Car-Max driye a superb race to climb all the way to fourth by the end of the race from her eighth starting position. RaIIy Marina slowly oyertookthe remaining diyision two driyers to claim second, behind Haryanto.

In third, Hafizh Hadiyanto tried to fend offthe charges from Marina but was unable to keep her behind him at the finish line. Hadiyanto in the end,crossed the line ahed offellow Indonesian driyers, Panji SA and M. Fachry Ramadani.

Agung Dorodjatun was the only non-finisher ofthe while reigning Asian Touring Car Series Champion, Jack Lemyard did not start the race due to an engine failure.